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TEC SOL 156, Parts Washer Solvent

Original price $20.50 - Original price $99.00
Original price
$20.50 - $99.00
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Tec Sol 156 is an economical petroleum solvent that is suitable for all types of metal and parts clean up. The very low odor and very slow evaporating properties of Tec Sol 156 makes it just the right product for parts washers and general solvent clean up. With a high flash point of 156 F, it is perfect for use in all types of parts washers, with a pan and a brush or it sprays on and wipes off. It is also easy on hands and skin. Tec Sol 156 is available in both gallons and 6-gallon pails in our online store. For 55-gallon drum prices, call us for a quote.