About Us

Technichem was founded in 1968 by Jack P. Rencher. In 2010, he passed away at the age of 88. Jack had a long and varied history of sales, from vacuum cleaners, real estate and chemicals, to cars and trucks. Technichem started in a small building in downtown Boise, Idaho, blending and formulating its own line of cleaners and specialty chemicals. Some of these original formulations are still in use today. 

Drox, our first product, is one of the formulas we are still blending today. The current formula remains very close to the original, with just some minor improvements to the ingredients. Our second product, El-Bo Grez continues to be one of Technichem’s leading sellers. Undoubtedly, El-bo Grez is one of the most versatile products currently on the market. El-bo Grez will clean anything from floors; saw blades, smoke filters, shower stalls and apple waxing equipment. If it is dirty, just put El-bo Grez to it.

Technichem is currently formulating and blending more than 100 different products for all types of cleaning and maintenance needs. We provide products that will clean the dirtiest equipment to washing the most delicate hands. If you have a special or unfilled need in cleaning and maintenance, give us a chance to assist you. Several of our products were originally formulated to address a specific customer’s need to get something clean.  These products are now available to all.

In today’s clean environment, Technichem continually looks at new and old environmentally safe products to support a healthy and clean earth.

After 50 years, we are still in Boise, Idaho and locally owned and operated. Technichem is now operating in a 12,500 square foot production facility that is only a few miles from our original downtown Boise location.  

We are committed to purchasing our raw materials from American-based producers and suppliers.  Realizing we operate in a global economy, Technichem pledges to support local and American- based businesses first.