We are a detergent and chemical formulator company operating in Nampa, Idaho. 


  • Introduced to El-Bo-Grez in 1975 for cleaning exhaust stains off the wings of an aerial fire fighting aircraft. Never have i found a better product. As an aircraft mechanic i am aware many products etch aluminum. This product is completely aluminum safe. With the oil emulsifiers cleaning an engine is easy. 75% solution spray on allow to work several min then low pressure water rinse. For heavy buildups Agitate with a brush. In all these years of working on aircraft have never found a better product.
    - Gary S.
  • Pro Strength: BEST STUFF EVER Nothing on the market can even come close!! I have been looking for this hard water remover for years!! I used it years ago then it disappeared off the market shelf in Boise! This stuff is a miracle in the bottle :)
    - Mariela
  • AWESOME SOAP I own a mobile pressure washing business and have always used a different soap. I ordered this product to see how it worked and am absolutely pleased with the way it works.
    - Darrell
  • Orange 150: AWESOME I had an RV that had dirty tape adhesive residue on the carpets. I tried everything to get it up. This Orange 150 was the best cleaner. I lightly sprayed it on the dirty residue area and gently rubbed with a rag and it came right up! What a great product. Saved me lots of frustration and it has a light Orange scent too. I'm sure I will use it again on other cleaning projects.
    - Judy
  • Pro Strength: Just wanted to thank you for making an excellent hard water removing product. I can't tell enough people about how fabulous it is! Blows my mind every time I use it! 🙂
    - Thanks again, The Lewis'