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POSITIVE 180, Extra Heavy-Duty Hot Tank and Spray Cabinet Cleaner

Original price $150.00 - Original price $290.00
Original price
$150.00 - $290.00
Current price $150.00

POSITIVE 180 is an extra, heavy-duty hot tank powder that removes rust from ferrous equipment and cast engine parts. This blend is for use in hot tanks and spray cabinets. Positive 180 is a no-foam formula that cleans rusty parts and prevents them from re-rusting. You only need to use 8 ounces of product per gallon of water, which is half the amount of the competitors’ products. We are not saying our competitors’ products are bad, they are not; however, our blend is extra concentrated and contain no fillers. This is our strongest spray cabinet and hot tank product. Positive 180 is a hazardous material and must ship by truck. It is available in 50-pound pails and 500-pound drums. Contact us to place an order and receive a freight quote. 




Hazardous please contact us if you are interested in this product