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ORANGE TAR GON, Citrus Tar Remover

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$41.00 - $226.80
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 Orange Tar Gon is a citrus tar remover that will dissolve tar, asphalt, roofing tar and sludge from most surfaces. It removes the grunge from road equipment, tools, shovels, brooms, radiators, floors and painted surfaces. Ideal for asphalt companies, roofers and seal coat companies, Orange Tar Gon should always be kept on hand for any clean ups. You can dilute it with up to two parts diesel fuel, while safe on most paints and rinses off with water it will remove wax. You can purchase Orange Tar Gon at our online store in 1-gallon containers or 6-gallon pails. Contact us for pricing and freight costs for 55-gallon drums.