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ORANGE BOY, Water-Based Citrus Detergent

Original price $20.50 - Original price $100.80
Original price
$20.50 - $100.80
Current price $20.50

Orange Boy is a very unique water-based blend of a citrus solvent and detergents. The best of both worlds, it offers the working power of a citrus solvent and the cleaning ability of a blend of heavy-duty detergents. Orange Boy is a work horse in the cleaning field; removing the toughest oil stains from concrete and asphalt surfaces. Use Orange Boy on all your tough cleaning jobs; to clean the dirtiest diesel engines in a re-manufacturing process, or as a pre-soak before hot tank or spray cabinet work to shorten your cleaning time. It is available in gallons and pails in our online store; for drum prices, call us for a quote.