• BYE ICE, Granular Ice Melter

BYE ICE, Granular Ice Melter

Bye Ice is a granular, Calcium Chloride ice melter that quickly melts ice upon contact, to keep your walkways safe and free of ice and snow. It will not harm your concrete and asphalt, as it does not contain harmful sodium or rock salt. While Bye Ice may not be the lowest priced product on the market, it is certainly one of the best. Calcium Chloride is the #1 ice melt product in the world and is the product others compare themselves to. There is no need to overuse, as a little product will go a long way, only 2 to 4 ounces per square yard are necessary. Bye Ice will work when it is cold, even at temperatures as low as –25F. We challenge you to melt ice at that temperature using any other product. It is available in 50-pound plastic pails at our online store. Contact us for a pricing and freight quote for 400-pound drums, 50-pound bags or a pallet of 50-pound bags.

  • $37.00